28 Dec 2012

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Sheryl Goldstein
Sheryl is the founder of The No Gluten Solution: Feeding Family and Friends, which is the culmination of her talents, skills, and her personal desire to develop an effortless style of cooking good food, making her guests comfortable, and always having an excuse for a dinner party.


Pleasantly Surprised And ...

Every so often I am taken by surprise by the caring attention that a chef and server take when I tell them I am gluten-free.  I will say that it is easier to eat out than just a year ago with the growing number of people requesting their food to be gluten-free.  But just because gluten-free is the trend at the moment does not mean that the food is prepared with great care to taste or safe preparation.


Tonight I went to my local hang in Phoenicia, New York, a  beautiful little hamlet in the middle of the Catskill Forest Preserve.    Brio’s Sportsman Cantina consistently serves great comfort food-  everything from pancakes to wood fired pizza, from chicken  parmegiana to hand made corn tortillas filled with shrimp,  mushrooms and goat cheese.  I have been eating here for over 25  years.

When I was diagnosed with Celiac, I went into mourning over  never being able to eat a Brio’s meatball pizza again.  There was  this one moment about 2 years ago that I decided that it would be  ok to order an individual pizza on a Friday, eat it and spend the rest  of the weekend in recovery.  Well, I never did go through with it;  the thought of ever feeling as sick as I did before I gave up gluten  was enough to forgo this ultimate pleasure.

What I want to talk about now is my experience at the restaurant tonight.  I am careful to order food that I know is safe and don’t want to ask for special treatment.   I know how annoying it can be to the kitchen.  But tonight, there were specials on the menu that sounded so good and I thought could easily be adjusted to gluten-free.

I can’t believe I waited seven years to ask.  Everyone in the restaurant got involved in making sure that I was served a specially prepared gluten-free corn tortilla quesadilla filled with portabellos, chorizo and asiago cheese.

So good, I ate most of it before taking photo..sorry

The chef did not want me to have any chips, since he fries them in the same oil as flour coated foods.  The special quesadilla contained goat cheese, something that I often eat.  He, on his own, checked the ingredients in the goat cheese and found that it contained flour.  I never heard of flour in cheese before and would not have thought to ask.  But, he took the initiative and substituted the asiago.

I loved my quesadillas.  They were fresh and the flavors burst with every bite.  But what was the best part of my dinner, was the way I was looked after and how seriously my need to eat gluten-free was received.  Truly it was a meal to remember.


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