03 Dec 2012

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Sheryl Goldstein
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Dr. Oz Show-Gluten-Free ...

Tomorrow Dr. Oz will be broadcasting a segment about gluten-free diet and weight loss.  In fact, the taglines is eating gluten-free for 30 days and lose 15 pounds.  Really?  I will make sure to watch the show because I can’t believe that Dr. Oz will agree with this outcome.

At least once a week I read somewhere that eating a gluten-free diet will result in weight loss.  As someone who is on a gluten-free diet for health reasons, I take issue with this belief.  We know that the only way that we can lose weight is to exercise and eat a low calories diet.

Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus and Fran Drescher have made headlines by stating that they are following a gluten-free diet.  They say that they are losing weight and feeling better as a result of their new eating habit.  I wonder if we were privy to what their meals consisted of, we would find that not only have they eliminated gluten, they are eating a strict low calorie diet.   Shall I mention that they all have personal trainers?

Listen, I am not against gluten-free getting press. It only makes my life and others with health needs, easier.  I like having more gluten-free products in the stores and restaurants providing gluten-free choices.  The issue for me is that gluten-free dietary restrictions be taken seriously.

On some recent restaurant visits, I sense the server thinking, “Oh, here we go again, another person wanting to join the fad for gluten-free food.”  I feel the need to explain that I really need a gluten-free diet for my health, not because I think it is good for me. You might say that I am overreacting, but my dinner companions seem to agree with my assessment.

I will be watching tomorrow with the hope that I can lose 15 pounds by following a gluten-free diet. There obviously is something more I need to do and can’t wait to find out the answer.


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