29 Oct 2012

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Sheryl Goldstein
Sheryl is the founder of The No Gluten Solution: Feeding Family and Friends, which is the culmination of her talents, skills, and her personal desire to develop an effortless style of cooking good food, making her guests comfortable, and always having an excuse for a dinner party.


Hurricane Sandy Food

We are hunkering down waiting for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.  Living in NYC, I tend to take the whole hurricane thing lightly since I am not living near a beach, there are no trees directly out my window and the corner grocery is open 24 hours.  But this time I am feeling the need to take the warnings a more seriously, since it is not often that the city busses and subways are shut down.  Something big must be coming.

What should I do first?  I went to the hardware store and stocked up on batteries and flashlights.  I went to the grocery store and bought 12 rolls of paper towels, 2 cases of water and enough food to feed a family of 10 for a week. I fought off people trying to get the last loaf of gluten-free bread, even though the store raised the price by a dollar. I filled the bathtub with water, not really knowing why and I did all the laundry in case we have to pack in a hurry, and god forbid, our favorite jeans would be dirty.

So, I feel that I am in as much control of the situation as possible when it dawns on me that the biggest issue for me as an apartment dweller is what happens if the electric goes out.  It is even more complicated for me since I have an electric stovetop and oven.  What am I going to do with the food I bought, what good is a stocked freezer when you can’t cook or heat up your food?

What To Do With The Food

My friends said, no problem, just save the food you bought and buy prepared foods that can be eaten at room temperature.  What I reminded them is that most prepared foods are not gluten-free and the last thing I want, is to be glutenized in the middle of a hurricane.  There was only one thing left to do…prepare the food so it can be enjoyed both hot and at room temperature.

It was a challenge to use what I purchased in this way since when I shopped it was with the idea that the meals would be hot.  I did buy sliced roast beef and turkey, salad stuff and fruit which would certainly satisfy a few meals, but if what the weather service is predicting is true, it wouldn’t be enough for us to eat.  Here is a list of what I bought and how I solved the cooking dilemma:

  • Diver Scallops-dusted with cumin and paprika, sautéed on high heat in a teaspoon of olive oil until no longer opaque in color.  Placed in bowl, mix in chopped scallion and radishes, squeeze a lemon and gently toss.
  • Chopped Sirloin-made into a meatloaf with vegetables
  • Acorn Squash-roasted, cubed and added to chopped onions, carrots and chicken stock.  Add seasoning, puree and eat cold with dollop of nonfat Greek yogurt
  • Green Beans and Asparagus-steamed and cooled for salads
  • Eggs-hardboiled

The best scenario is that Hurricane Sandy is no big deal and we have great food to eat.  The worst, is that we will have good food to eat.  I hope for the latter.





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