09 Apr 2011

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Sheryl Goldstein
Sheryl is the founder of The No Gluten Solution: Feeding Family and Friends, which is the culmination of her talents, skills, and her personal desire to develop an effortless style of cooking good food, making her guests comfortable, and always having an excuse for a dinner party.


Vanilla Glazed Donuts

Kinnikinnick Foods Vanilla Glazed Gluten-Free DonutsI loved donuts even though I knew how nutritionally bad they were for me.  Being gluten-free removed any chance of my eating one and then I saw Vanilla Glazed Donuts in the freezer section of Whole Foods.

I had to buy them.  Of course, how could product reviews be complete without a note on donuts?  I convinced myself that eating one is a sensible business decision.

These donuts are pretty good and will satisfy your longing for the donuts of your past. The dough is not too dense and doesn’t have an aftertaste.  It is missing that great greasy crunch with the soft center that accompanies a regular donut.  The vanilla glaze is just sweet enough to add a nice finishing touch to this pastry.

When the craving hits you for a donut with your coffee, this product will satisfy your taste buds.

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