09 Apr 2011

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Clean Sponges

Keeping the Kitchen Sponge Clean:

We are so careful to wash our hands with antibacterial soap countless times a day, but when was the last time you cleaned the sponge?

Kitchen sponges can be a significant source of bacteria. One way to keep them clean is to place wet, nonmetallic sponges in the microwave for one to two minutes. While this will kill virtually all-harmful bacteria, there are numerous reports of sponges catching on fire which result in a whole set of different problems.

A quick and easy way to clean the sponge with the same disinfecting results, but without the risk of fire, is to place it in the dishwasher and run it through a wash and dry cycle.

It is a good idea to use a paper towel to clean up raw eggs and meat, just to be safe.

Sheryl Goldstein 3 Comments
  1. I throw my drain strainer and my sponge in the dishwasher every time I run it

  2. Actually my son did a school science experiment and determined that the best way to get rid of bacteria on sponges was to put them in the microwave for about 4-5 minutes. This “beat” using the dishwasher, soaking in bleach and other techniques.

    • BTW, I do this all the time and never had anything close to a fire. BUT I do keep an eye on them.

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