27 Feb 2013

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Sheryl Goldstein
Sheryl is the founder of The No Gluten Solution: Feeding Family and Friends, which is the culmination of her talents, skills, and her personal desire to develop an effortless style of cooking good food, making her guests comfortable, and always having an excuse for a dinner party.


Cod Coming To You Fresh ...

Mediterranean Style Cod

Cod one of the healthiest proteins we can eat. This cold-water fish is low in fat, high in protein and all the essential amino acids. Studies have shown that cod contains vitamins B12 and B6 and omega-3 fatty acids, all of which contribute to reducing atherosclerosis and heart disease. Eating cod will provide anti-inflammatory properties, which are essential to all of us Celiac and others with autoimmune issues.

What I have yet to say is that cod tastes great. It is easy to cook, can be prepared in many different ways and is available year round. It is not farmed and is found in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Fresh Direct offered wild cod as a special this last week. I jumped at the opportunity to have it delivered to my front door, knowing that it would be the freshest fish available at the fairest price.

I was not disappointed. My whole family enjoyed the cod and I didn’t even have to bribe my son to eat fish. I prepared it in a Mediterranean style, using the grape tomatoes that were also one of Fresh Directs specials.

This style of cooking has many of the flavors I enjoy. The cod, being so low in fat, tastes great with the addition of extra virgin olive oil. How timely that this week’s news was all about how the Mediterranean diet is the healthiest way to eat and that was my cooking choice.

I hope you have the opportunity to buy the cod and try the simple but delicious preparation.

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