21 Feb 2013

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Sheryl Goldstein
Sheryl is the founder of The No Gluten Solution: Feeding Family and Friends, which is the culmination of her talents, skills, and her personal desire to develop an effortless style of cooking good food, making her guests comfortable, and always having an excuse for a dinner party.


Dining Out ...

From the very beginning of my celiac diagnosis, I counted on a steakhouse to offer me many gluten-free options. The standard fare of grilled steaks and appetizers, consisting of salads and raw platters, made it easy for me to enjoy a fine dinner out with friends. There was little the restaurants had to do to accommodate my dietary restrictions.

This past Friday at the West 44th Street location of the Strip House, my safety net was taken away without my consent. My friend David and I love to try new restaurants and he had such a great dinner at this location that he couldn’t wait to take me. It is a special treat to go out for these dinners, they are not inexpensive, and so we expect the best food and service.

Our order seemed simple enough, a raw fish platter and a porterhouse steak for two. Not much to mess up, or so we thought. Of course, I told our server that I must have everything prepared gluten-free, which she said would be no problem. David asked for no spice, just simple preparations. Doesn’t sound difficult to me.

We might have made things a little more challenging, asking for our food to be both gluten-free and spice free. Let me add, also requested if they could substitute clams for the oysters on the raw platter. We thought they would be glad to do considering the lower cost of clams. The chef was consulted and we were told that our requests would be honored.

I will start my rant with the raw platter. It came with three different ceviches, two very spicy and the third, a tuna tartar. We didn’t make an issue about the spice since I was happy to eat the ceviches and David the lobster. I did have a concern about the tuna, and asked our server to check to make sure I could eat it. She did confirm that it contained soy sauce, and went to the kitchen to ask for an alternative choice. The chef was unwilling to do it. Really, what would have been the big deal and they did agree at the start to serve us a gluten-free meal.

This interchange left us a little disappointed, but David was looking forward to our porterhouse. It arrived, perfectly cooked and with his first bite, was assaulted by a spicy and thick peppercorn crust. If you don’t eat spicy food, this crust would be impossible to eat.

Check out the peppercorn crust

We, once again, told our server there was a problem and she asked the manager to intervene. I will say that he kept his cool, as did we, but we were adamant that the preparation was unsatisfactory. In fact, when David was there five days before, the porterhouse was served without the pepper and that was as is, not by special request.

Well, this manager told us that the Strip House is famous for their peppercorn crust and, of course he said, we should have been aware of this preparation. I asked to see the menu and there was no mention of said crust, but he insisted that it is the restaurant’s trademark for over 20 years and “everyone” knows it. I guess I missed that most important New York City statute.

To their credit, the restaurant did prepare us another steak, but the fine steakhouse dining experience was tainted. I now know that no restaurant is safe for those of us with dietary restrictions and we have to remain conscientious to insure that we are taken care of in the way we deserve.

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