granola for blog
Homemade Granola
This recipe represents a mixture of tastes and textures I prefer, but be creative and substitute any nuts or dried fruits you’d like. It tastes just as delicious with pecans,... ...
berries resized for blog
Berry Salad with Mint
I suggest berries with breakfast in bed because they are easy to serve and eat. The choice of berries should depend on the freshest organic ones you can find in... ...
Poached Pears
I love any type of pear prepared in any sort of way.  I chose poached pears for this menu because they are available year round and can be prepared at... ...
Blueberry-Peach Clafouti
This clafouti is part pie, part custard, and part cake. It is a perfect breakfast treat. Some people might prefer to make theirs custardy, but this is how I like... ...
Crunchy Almond Cookies
Crunchy Almond Cookies
This is a classic Praline-type recipe that I just needed to find the right binder for, and the millet flour fit the bill. These cookies can be made any time... ...
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